Romanticism in the wild

In the middle of the picturesque countryside of Southern Bohemia, on the border between Bohemian Canada, the Třeboň region and Waldviertel we opened a pleasant boarding house in a villa from the thirties. At a lonely place, near a nature preserve and by a pond called Blanko we offer more than just the accommodation…

We offer silence – disturbed only by whispering of leaves and by owl ululation. We offer darkness – and clear stars on the sky, which you can not observe in any city. Bathing in the ponds, where only the stilly swimming swans will disturb you. Palette of sweet smells – the flowery meadow, smell of hay; the wood, which is wakening after night rainstorm. Pleasure trips through a virgin countryside. Excursion tours through deep woods, discovery of defunct villages. Picnic in a forest clearing. Gathering at the crackling fire. Deep sleep under soft covers…

We offer all of that only two hours’ drive from Prague, Brno or Vienna.
Come to us and satisfy your senses.


Intensive language courses business english for companies

posted: 3/9/2015, 15:05

Did you need to your employees to be quicky improve in english, so your company can better present to foreign clients or partners?You want to expand cooperation with foeign  coutries but unfortunately do not have language skills? On our weekend intensive english course, which is associated with relaxation to you and your colleagues quickly and effectively fill in the missing knowledge of english and general level buseness and evolve their business potentional.


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