Within the former border zone near the old trade route between Prague and Vienna, at the place of a former custom-house not far from the pedestrian border-crossing Smrčná-Haugschlag, there is a unique energetically independent and environmentally friendly educational and relaxation centre growing. Due to a long period of restricted access to the frontier zone the local landscape has remained almost untouched by significant human influence.

The whole facility, covering an area of about 2 hectares, is situated at a lonely place next to the woods in close proximity to a romantic forest pond called Blanko.

Our facility has her own drinking water and power facilities. This due the fact that our facility is located in the beautiful wilderness tract far away from all population centers. This means that power supply for the time being will not be available 24 hours a day (can be shut down during sleeping time). Warm water and heating will be guaranteed permanently thanks to our ecological wood boiler.

Photographies of areal and its surrounding are in photo gallery.

Nature reserve Blanko CHKO Třeboňsko Nature reserve Homolka - Vojířov Nature reserve Česká Kanada Javořická vrchovina Nature reserve Blockheide Hochmoor Schrems Heidenreichsteiner Moor Nature reserve Thayatal-Dobersberg Map of the region

CHKO Třeboňsko

Přírodní park Homolka - Vojířov

Přírodní park Česká Kanada

Javořická vrchovina

Naturpark Blockheide

Hochmoor Schrems

Heidenreichsteiner Moor

Naturpark Thayatal-Dobersberg

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